Iceland – a country of wealthy brides who are eager to have sex with foreigners?

Almost every guy who is interested in Icelandic women could not miss popular fake info where it was said something that in order to increase population quality (and maybe quantity) and taking into consideration lack of men in Iceland Icelandic women could not get married and to take the place of fiancé could foreign men who are going to get huge financial support from Icelandic government and ready wife in addition. Although this was fake some truth could evidently be found here. Is it true Icelandic women suffer from lack of men?

Iceland is small county with the population about 300 thousand people. Since now self development and personal time became more popular to traditional family; creation of family starts much later than in previous decades, many families prefer to have one child, some prefer do not have children at all and some women prefer to live separately. These all factors lead to elimination of population and new generations have even more problems to find their second half and less quantity of people to choose from; so it is hard to find possible life partner.

As you see, there is definitely demand for men in Iceland. But it does not mean many Icelandic women are waiting for some foreign guy to marry. Many women in Iceland prefer to live without permanent partner; some even prefer to have a baby and growing child up taking solo part in its upbringing. Emancipated Icelandic women do not have a need in actually husband but if they need man for romance or one night stand they know where to find him.

Iceland - a country of wealty brides who are eager to have sex with foreigners?

Knowing character of Icelandic women it is clear that emancipated nature and years of fighting for equal rights with men have left its print. Icelandic woman got used to choose what she wants herself and if she would like to have sex she is looking for male who could satisfy her needs. It is common in Iceland when girl in bar buys you a drink and starts conversation – this means she is picking you up. So in some case we could say Iceland is the land of lonely brides who have sex with foreigners, but will these brides get married is quite a question because they don’t even often know themselves whether they would like to be in marriage. Icelandic girls prefer to enjoy life not making themselves some limitations like serious relations, marriage – not until they want and until they think they are ready.

Does this all means Iceland is good country to find reach bride eager to pick you up herself and after having great night to start relations? Not really. Such one night stands usually do not imply future relations but rather morning ‘good buy’. Girl was drunken and wanted you yesterday but not today.

Are Icelandic women waiting for foreign men ready to marry them? Some are probably interested in serious relations with foreigner and some are not. But there are already many guys from Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Canada in Iceland with whom you will have to compete for attention of potential Icelandic bride. But if you are confident guy who knows what he wants you are welcome to conquer Icelandic women’s hearts.

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