How to get Icelandic woman in bed

If you are in Iceland and looking for the girl that could appear in your bed soon, there are advises that you have to find the girl at night somewhere in a local bar or club. It is a good place to find new friends, girls or just people that you may spend a good time with.

It is the best to go out on Friday or Saturday in Iceland, well, as well as almost anywhere in the world. People are ready for the weekend and also ready to have fun and there is no need to visit work the next day. That is why when you decided to find girl in Iceland, use the weekend time the best. Let’s say, in is Saturday and you came to the local bar in Reykjavik. Do not come to early, because the bars work till 5 a.m. on this day and you are surely came to drink, as most Iceland guys and girls do there, so till the evening ends there is chance you’ll be trashed. You surely don’t want this to happen. Visit bar at 2 a.m. or even 3 a.m. Is is good when you are relaxed. Buy a drink, let the local friendly, laugh and drunk atmosphere get into your body. When you start chatting with people it would go easier. If you found a company and someone buys you a drink, it is a great gesture of hospitality here. Later you may buy drink for the one who’s bought you. However, do not buy drink for the girl first. And if some of the girls bought a drink to you, that means you’re on the right way and she likes you.

Start to chat with girls about something that interests you in Iceland, but do not talk to much. The one common thing if you are in Iceland and talking with a girl, her friends might irritate the conversation. It is normal here but might be weird and annoying to you, so just take it as it is and relax, you’ll get used soon. Iceland is small and many people there know each other. If Icelandic girl asked you more than what’s your name and where are you from, there is high chance she is interested in you. If there is a dance floor, it is good to ask her for a dance. Remember that slight touching is more about normal in Iceland, but not kissing. If you try to kiss a girl in the bar, she might be offended and you may have problems. It is because there are many people she know and they might think she is easy. Girls in Iceland are very concerned that fact for some reason, despite picking up foreigners who live soon at the same time.

Pay attention how many friends of the girl you liked and are talking to are around you. If there are many friends, probably, there is little chance she will appear in your bed this night. Is is also connected with the issue many people would know she had some affairs and would think she’s easy going girl.

How to get Icelandic woman in bed

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Icelandic girls are more eager to go to bed with you if you are not staying in the country for long. They often use this chance to have such kind of fun. I guess it is because they usually choose a guy after party is over and no one might know she finished the evening with you, a foreigner, and in a few days you leave Iceland. Good for everyone, though, it is my own opinion. Of course, if you are looking for girls of easy kind, you will visit bars or clubs and women will be drunk there. If you want to find serious relationships in Iceland, you have to act in other manner and look for girl in other places, I guess.

The things about close bed relations go fast in Iceland. I could say it is meeting, short conversation about nothing and than the final act that you were waiting for. Of course, it is not like that all the time, but very often it goes this way here in Iceland. Till the end of the night girls are more eager to find a partner here, unlike everywhere else in the world when they get tired. The end of a party or the time when the bar is closing is a high time to pick up a girl in Iceland. All your approach and efforts have to be made at the end of the evening. If there are no chances with one girl, try lo look actively at this time for another one and more. A good to say you are foreigner who is leaving soon and want to party in Iceland like the last time and ask the question where the party could go on, are there any bars open, and stuff like that. If you will be persuasive and ready to achieve the goal, Icelandic girl in your bed will be the prize for your patience and endless tries.

It is also common in Iceland if a girl buy you a drink or comes first and starts chatting to you. In U.S. or Europe such behavior might seem really awkward, but it is quite normal practice in Iceland. That is why you don’t need to pay that much efforts in Iceland to find a girl, you just need to be yourself and I guess to be nice. If there is a girl that liked you and she’s already talking to you, don’t miss a chance and follow some next rules. Talk to her but not to much, let her be more initiative. Show your interest, ask some questions about Iceland, even funny ones about trolls or elves. Inform her that you are not for long in the country, especially if she asks. Try to hang out with the girls where there are not very much of her friends near. If it is in the bar, be with her after it is closed and aks are there any places to spend night to let the party go on. You might hang out with the girl and her friends for some time, kind of after party and after that most chances you will go with her to your place or to her place. There you will have a kiss and the sex is coming very soon after the kiss.

The approach in Iceland is different that in many other world countries. Let us say, in Europe if you liked the girl you show her your attention all the night, but not imitatively. You buy her drinks and there is small chance she’ll go to bed with you. Probably, you’ll have to spend many evenings with her with presents and phone calls and this is only if she liked you. If she’s going to bed with you it means she has some future plans about you and she feels safe near you, she trusts you. In Iceland everything is opposite way. You don’t have to act much and talk much, just be yourself. If the girl likes you, there are many chances she’ll talk to you first and even buy you a drink. You have to show interest and show her you liked her as well. It is good to tell that you are leaving Iceland soon. Sounds like paradise to many men.

Try to be yourself and behave like you do in real life. Have fun, it’s good to use jokes if you know how. This is good behavior and you probably find a girl. Do not assume that Icelandic girls are all easy. It is just different behavior than anywhere else in the world. They are just different, but not bad. It also depends what kind of girl you are looking for. Would you like to have serious relationships or just have some emotional rest in Iceland.

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