Do Icelandic girls have sex with Americans?

Do Icelandic girls have sex with Americans? Well, the thing is American men are kind of interested or is it better to say, concerned about their personal impact on girls all around and on the girls who are abroad especially. This means average American man who goes abroad very often feels like a God, able to rule the souls of others and be the example of perfect man, a man who had put his step on this land of sin. Maybe someone would laugh and someone would get offended, but that is really what I always wanted to say long time ago. So, imagine such a man coming to Iceland. He feels himself a God from Big Land, who came to this tiny island to teach them how to live and show what is real American culture, and, of course, as part of this culture and his personal characteristics, he would like to show how great he is in bed. Moreover, he is waiting Icelandic girls would stuck to him like bees on honey. But that is rarely going to happen as Icelandic girls would prefer to go to bed with Icelandic guy, if so, than some unknown before drunken arrogant foreigner.

I’m not saying all Icelandic girls are so perfect and moral that it is very hard to find one for sex. Of course, some go to the bar, drink alcohol and start to look for the guy for one night stand, but that does not mean Iceland is perfect place to look for such chicks. The same thing could happen to you in American bar, when drunken chick picks you up for the night, or you do, doesn’t matter. Stereotypes are great part of our life and we often live by following them like holy Bible. If you are looking for something that seems exotic to you and wish to have close contact with girl from Iceland, you have to do that and visit the country. By this act you’ll start your journey and, maybe, find what you want. It is better to do actions than read this article, but, of course, first you need to get some knowledge and that is why you are here.

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Do Icelandic girls have sex with Americans?

If we come back to the topic of our article, what answer we can already give to the topic question? Probably, something like… yes, Icelandic girls have sex with Americans, and this happens when Americans visit Iceland and this happens when Icelandic girls visit US, but that happens not more often than usual sex between American and his compatriot or American and the girl of some other nation. Does not have any proofs the fact Icelandic girls eagerly go to bed with American. Rather happens vice verse, and even if such close contact happened, this means girl liked guy as the person and his physical characteristics and emotional and inner world, but not because of his American nationality.

What conclusion we can make according to our thoughts and guesses described in the article? As for me, I think, it is necessary to act, but not only to think about something. If you are obsessed with idea to spend a night with Icelandic woman, make your dream come true. Find some basic information about Iceland and women of this country on our website and then act. Buy a ticket to Iceland and find what you want over there. Surely, you will have many hard decisions and some hard time, but that is the way to the goal and new experience, that would be only yours and if you would like, some day you can share it with us. Who knows, maybe you will like it there so much that you’ll stay there forever and find a wife and someday feel happy or even ashamed for reading this article about banging Icelandic girls in the past. Also remember if you liked the girl, act, but don’t sit and just dreaming about her, women like action and active men. It is better to do and be sorry (if she showed you the door) than be sorry for not doing anything. And, my friend, do not forget you are unique person and girls like you for what you are, your sense of humor, your appearance and your manners, but not for your nationality. Be worry if girl in some country likes you only because you are American as it is the same as she likes you for your money, treating you as the wallet. You know, how such girls are called everywhere in the world? And in this case there is no need to go overseas, right? Well, main hints about Icelandic girls I guess you have already got in mind, and wish you good luck in your search! Don’t forget to be yourself, be active, go to the goal and success is the only thing is waiting for you with Icelandic girl sooner or later, just never give up and except for success you will have experience, priceless own experience…

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