Are there candy shops in Iceland?

Are there candy shops in Iceland? By this expression you probably guessed what is really meant. On one of the forums somebody asked is there industry of women who sleep for money in Iceland. This is typical question, because in many European countries this sort of “work” is legalized and women pay tax.

Although Iceland is in Europe, it is rather small country and such kind of working activity might be either impossible or immoral so none would like to earn money in such a way. But what is the reality in Iceland? Of course, as almost in every country of the world, there are women who ask money for intimate relations, but most of them propose their services online or advertise on special websites, making kind of portfolio of activities and kinds of pleasure they are able to provide client with, where it could happen (the place) and how much it would cost in details.

Iceland is very small country as the population is only about 300 thousand and every woman who would dare to have such kind of labor activity surely would face with public censure, because of small size of the country and friends or relatives might be seen or suddenly met everywhere.

Are there candy shops in Iceland?

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Though, according to the rule “demand creates supply”, if there is need for easy going girls in the country, but local women cannot do such work (or not willing), because of some reasons like shame, religion etc. their place is taken by representatives of other cultures. Women from continental Europe take the place and “work” for money instead of Icelanders. In order not to have problems with law, such kind of activity is not openly advertised of something like that, but if you find in Iceland woman of the oldest profession, it is highly possible she would be from some other European country.

If you have found this topic, because you would like to visit this country in search of easy girls who would satisfy you for money, Iceland is very bad choice and not because of women are not pretty or something. If you even find some girls who’ll satisfy your natural needs, this would be very expensive as everything in Iceland is pretty expensive. The other fact why Iceland is not good choice as there almost no women who propose such services, let’s call it this way.

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