Are Icelandic women easy going?

I guess the problem of whole Earth is not too many, but all the population lives with stupid stereotypes. Therefore normal moral people are considered freaks and stupid weirdo’s and intelligent at first look and educated grooms from prosperous countries become real maniacs. Of course, this is only an analogy I have made, but I hope you, the reader, have understood what I really mean. Never judge a man or woman according to nationality or the country of origin as there may be some common features, but every single person is unique, so it might not work with another one. Behavior of foreigners, based on stereotypes might be offensive for local population and so, sometimes even dangerous to foreigners.

In case with Icelandic women there is stereotype they are easy going and this is what foreigners could use and Iceland could be the country to visit for sex tourists. To say the truth, I don’t really think that drunk overconfident guy from overseas would have many chances with girl in any country, except for Thailand, maybe. But when it is going about Iceland I don’t really think so. I guess this is usual if you go to the bar, drink some cocktails and find a drunken girl, maybe disappointed with something like break up with boyfriend and you start talking to her or she starts first and then it leads to sex and she woke up in the morning in your bed. This could happen in any country and if there are many women in Iceland who are sociable and eager to talk to foreigner and drink some beer with him, it does not necessarily mean she would eagerly spend night with him.

So, what is the reason of that common stereotype among American men that Icelandic girls are easy? I’m not sure, as this is my own prediction, but the reason is in the way of communication of women in Iceland. For example, it is typical in Icelandic bar that woman starts to get acquainted firs with a guy or if she liked a guy she could buy him a drink first. It is very uncommon for US or Europe, as in this part of the world man usually proposes to buy a drink for a girl in a bar he liked.

Are Icelandic women easy going?

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Iceland is rather small and it is the matter of interest for Icelandic woman to have a chat with newcomer, but usually it means only communication, but not the hint for future sex as many foreigners in Iceland might think. What else? You are always in different circumstances, so it is up to you to see better what the real intention of the girl are. I am not trying to persuade all the girls in Iceland will never ever spend night with foreigner. Every case has pluses and minuses, happy endings and complicated decisions and you have to be able to read what is on woman’s mind and does not matter is she in Iceland or in US or in Brazil. Knowing better women’s philosophy and way of thinking you will have more chances to have success in every kind of relations.

If you are in Iceland, and you see a girl who glances at you and then you talk to her for a while, showing her you are interesting person and then you have common drink and dance, of course there are high chances for this evening to be ended in your room, but all described above hints of behavior should not be taken for hundred per cent success as in case of fail you’ll be really disappointed.

Good advice is to treat woman as a partner and not make her any hard feelings later. Threat every woman as you would like her to treat you and do not forget in any case to be a human, but not primitive creature with instincts.

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